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The Rev. Martha S. Jacobi., PhD, LCSW



It was a recent-history attendance record at my church today~~101 worshippers~~of whom almost 10% have movement difficulties and need to use canes, a challenge for them and for the architecture of the church.

Older church buildings may be exempt from accessibility builing-code legislation, but not from theological assessment. "Stairs everywhere" in churches are, frankly, exclusive when there is no other means of access to the space. Church buildings need to be able to be accessed by all--not only the sanctuary of the worship space, but the educational and social spaces as well. How sad that accessibilty is not a priority in so many congregations. Yes, it will be expensive. No it is often not convenient and may change both the exterior & interior landscape. But when I watch the members of my church, valiantly willing themselves to ascend the many stairs into the sancturay... and know that their days are numbered to be able to do so...I know that accessibility is ultimately, about grace. Costly grace, but grace nonetheless. Accessibility to sacred space is a mirror of God's love. It is a concrete expression of a congregation's welcome and an extension of the graciousness of Christ.