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Brainspotting in Brazil -- & Paraguay (who goes to Paraguay? -- I do!)

I've recently returned from a most amazing journey to South America!

First stop was in Paraguay to visit with friends Moni & Luis Baumann. Moni is bringing Brainspotting to Paraguay, especially to the children of Ascuncion--they are so lucky & blessed to have her passion & expertise. The Paraguayan visit included an overnight at Luis's mother's home -- a working farm -- in "The Colony," dining on freshly slaughtered sheep, with much sipping of ritual mate, & a tri-lingual dinner conversation!

Moni & I then took the bus from Col Oviedo PY to Foz do Iguacu, Brasil for R&R at a "Make a Wish" foundation hotel, & a day trip to the Iguacu Falls -- truly a wonder of the world.  

Two short flights & a long van-transfer to Buzios, Brazil followed -- taking us to the 1st International Brainspotting Conference, at which I was honored to be teaching several workshops. Over 250 Brainspotters from 27 countries attended -- truly inspirational & enriching! -- including time for fun at Geriba Beach in Buzios.

Brazilian Conference Coordinators (L to R) with David Grand:
Esly Carvalho, Patricia Jacob, Cristiane Ramos

Left to Right (below):
David Grand, Martha Jacobi, Moni Baumann & Mark Grixti

Geriba Beach

1st International Brainspotting Conference, Buzios, RJ, Brasil

What remains, post conference?

A deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity - and means - to make this trip; new friends & colleagues; a commitment to improve my written & spoken Portugese & Spanish(!); indelible memories; and a sense of connection, community, & commitment to the work of individual, family, community, & global healing.

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